Located in Los Angeles, EchoLocation World Music was founded by two University of California music students. The husband and wife team met at a Siberian throat singing concert. Ayame says of Nick: "When he told me he had traveled to Switzerland to learn to play the Swiss alphorn I instantly knew he was someone special!" They studied world music together in college then continued pursuing their interest in their travels to the Republic of Tuva, Russia and South Korea.

"Our love of music drives us to discover all the diversity of musical expression and has brought forth the quest to understand the traditional music of our own culture." They have a shared passion of not only making the world's music heard but also to create a new American traditional music based on the ethnically diverse instruments and styles of the Pacific Northwest. Nick says "I think every country and culture has music that deserves to be heard because it belongs to a larger world heritage." At EchoLocation World Music we want to give people the chance to hear the wide variety of music the world has to offer.

Photo of Nick Vest by Deirdra Doan


Nick Vest

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